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Our Story

After selling his condo, Michael decided that in the midst of Covid, renting an apartment would be more wise than buying a new home. He chose to move into a one bedroom apartment in Manassas.

One night, when Mike was out with some friends, Mike got a text from one of his friends asking if he could bring a girl he was on a date with to hang out with them. That's when Kyla showed up. Kyla didn't know who Mike was at the time, but he was sitting the closest to her so she figured she'd make a new friend. 

After talking for a while, they found out that Mike had just moved into the apartment 6 feet across from Kyla. From there, they became inseparable best friends. They spent every day together and talked about everything. Mike obviously was SO into Kyla, and Kyla had her hesitations.

After a couple months of being good friends and spending every waking moment together, Kyla took a trip to Guatemala in November. That was the longest Kyla and Mike had been apart. While she was there, she had a realization of how important Mike was to her. How much he cared about her and how sacrificial he was to her. It was then, when she got home and saw him for the first time in a week that she realized she had fallen for him.

From there, they spent a bit of time curating the relationship before calling it official. Then they finally made it official on New Years of 2021.


Mike had told Kyla to plan to meet his parents in DC on Sunday, 10/17/21. He made the plan around a week before the schedule date. He told her they wanted to explore DC and take photos since they had the day off. Kyla had no idea of what his plans actually were.

On that Sunday, Mike was asking Kyla what kind of outfit he should wear and was adamant to make sure they matched. This made Kyla suspicious that there was more going on. After that, they left and made their way to DC. On the way to DC, Kyla's suspicions were rising and she went ahead and secretly checked her parents locations to see if they were in DC. She found out they weren't and her suspicions dwindled.

Upon arriving to DC, Mike took Kyla to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. They walked around as they were waiting for his parents to arrive. Then heading to the terrace. Once they got there, Mike informed Kyla that his parents were running late. It was kinda cold so Kyla asked, "what are we going to do for the next 15 minutes?" She then followed that up with, "Now would be a good time to propose!" As a joke, and to mess with him. 

Then, little did she know, that was his plan all along. He responded with "oh.. ok then!" and he proceeded to get down on one knee! 

Kyla didn't expect that to be his response at all, of course. Side note, his parents were never supposed to come to DC. 

And now... They're engaged!


Mexico is special to us as a couple. 

Back in May of 2021, Kyla booked a job photographing a bachelorette party in Tulum. She invited Mike to join her because she HATES traveling alone. 

When Mike arrived, they stayed on a resort in Quintana Roo. Although the resort was slightly underwhelming, the experience they had in downtown Tulum was incredible. 

They hung out with Kyla's clients and actually made some friends out of it. The group all went to a beach club for a few hours and hung out. Eating great food, drinking and partying.. Tulum style. The event following that is what changed the game for Kyla and Mike.

After leaving the beach club, the group discovered a Cenote hidden behind a long hallway of trees. At this point, Kyla and Mike were exhausted and ready to head back to their resort after working and being in the sun all day. But once they saw the gorgeous cenote and swam in the natural spring water, they were refreshed. They don't believe in holistic stuff, but something happened at that cenote that made them feel so rejuvenated and energized again. It made them feel happy and at peace. They wish they could have spent more time exploring but they had other responsibilities to tend to back at home.

From there, Tulum became their favorite place. It's a mystery, It's lowkey and it's intimate - and they want to share those exact same feelings with their closest friends and family.

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